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SCHOOL FOR AGES 2-6                                                           STATEN ISLAND, NY

A Montessori education stresses the importance of experiential, self-guided learning, per the belief that children learn best when they’re actively responding to the world around them instead of to a prescribed curriculum.  This project, a small Montessori school for ages 2-6 in Staten Island, was driven by the ideas of texture, growth, sensation, place and emergence.  The building is carefully tucked into the steep slope of its site, creating a sense of both forceful emergence and minimal impact.  A large palette of materials is employed inside and out to give bursts of color and texture at every turn.  The interiors are designed for maximum flexibility, with one large, sweeping classroom that can be segmented into smaller ones.  And great importance is placed on access to he outdoors– classrooms open onto exterior play terraces, and every roof plane is accessible for gardening, playing, or performing.

Spring 2008, Prof. Theo David

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