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So much of the contempory architectural experience is online; the internet (blogs in particular) has given architectural enthusiasts, practitioners and students nearly unlimited access to the world’s most influential designs.  Advised by the creators of the suckerPUNCH blog, this self-guided curation project explored the task of contemporary curation through multiple formats.  Two small research projects endeavored to trace the lineages of contemporary design themes (first, “futureworlds/post-apocalyptic design” and second, the tectonic theme of “folding”) back through their multiple iterations to their perceived origins. 

A larger, semester-long project involved the creation of a personal design blog with the specific intent of documenting “monumentalism” as a particular architectural aesthetic.  The contents and thoughts of the blog were then solidified and compiled into a cohesive physical product.  That product, a short book entitled THE MONUMENTALIST MANIFESTO, calls for the promotion of monumentalism from marginalized aesthetic into full-fledged architectural movement/style.  The manifesto critiques a wide variety of projects to ultimately discover and declare the defining qualities of the monumentalist aesthetic. 

Spring 2011, Prof. Nathan Hume and Abigail Coover


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