At the intersection of passion, technology, sport and branding is the TREK bicycle corporation.  Making professional and recreational cycling equipment since 1975, TREK is now a proud leading sponsor of both childhood memories and international cycling prestige.  A proposed flagship facility in New Orleans, Louisiana honors that full-spectrum commitment by combining a 20,740sf retail center and outdoor testing terrain with an olympic-regulation velodrome and over 4,675sf of state-of-the-art professional training facilities.  A simple stacked ramping system provides a streamlined, efficient and unique interior environment while maximizing the amount of usable floor area on the compact waterfront lot in the French Quarter.  Translating the ramp edges to the exterior of the building creates a form inspired by movement, speed and continuous circulation.  Cladding systems are carefully designed to maximize passive daylighting opportunities while reducing heat gain and glare by using translucent etfe ribbons on the roof and a panelized wood system on the facade, and all glazing is carefully shaded to help keep the building cool.  A steel truss system describes the building in 22 unique sections, radiating out from a central interior courtyard.  The courtyard–  along with a large public entry plaza, the testing terrain and a public ramp/walkway leading to a third floor cafe and viewing platform– is one of four specialized outdoor environments on site.

The challenging environmental realities of New Orleans demanded the careful and creative application of materials and assembly techniques to achieve an elegant, high-performance building.  The desire to utilize the abundant natural light and cool seasonal winds led to the use of layered, customized cladding and roofing systems.  The ETFE panels on the roof are thin but highly insulative and slightly translucent.  When stretched between structural insulated glass units they act as both sturdy envelope and diffuse light source.  The panels and igus are carefully sized and angled to respond to the path of the sun over the site to ensure a zero-glare environment in the velodrome.  The panelized wood facade is actually a second skin covering a complete glazing system.  The wood is carefully “pixelated” according to program, allowing near transparency for display areas and complete opacity for more private areas like locker and dressing rooms.      Team members: Philip Jenkin, Charles Thomas                         

NOTE: This is a speculative project not affiliated with or endorsed by TREK in any way.


Spring 2010, Prof. Kutan Ayata


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